We’re dedicating ourselves to provide beautiful Summer-Wear. Since we’re based in Bali, Everyday feels like a Summer Day in Bali with a remarkable ray of sun kisses the skin.

We humbly believe ourselves could make everyone, everywhere to feel that vibes of summer with our worldwide shipping.

Started from only a drop of sand by an Online Shop, Crayonmono is becoming more and more into the Ocean by having our places here and there including in some areas around Canggu & Uluwatu.

The complete Summer Look from head to toe, you name it, either it’s eye-wear, bikinis, beachwear, everything!

Find out what you need for your Summer looks here, put it on your shopping cart and we’ll get it ready and ship them all for you around the world!


Summer is always the best look and idea, Shop with Us and We’ll Make Your Day and Tan-Skinned Perfectly.